Website Resources

I've launched several personal projects websites since I started to code professionally in Europe. They had to do with different topics that ranged from startups to potential open source solutions. I wrote the websites in different moments of my life, but I noticed a similar experience every-time:

  • I researched for a website building framework or a content management system: that's pretty straightforward ✅.
  • I wrote the content for the website: not easy but for a first "good enough" version is not so bad ☑️.
  • I looked online for some nice illustrations and logos for the website: this was the hardest step for me ⛔️.

What did I do to fix this problem at those moments? Well I used the method that solves everything: I threw some money at the problem. The outcome at the end? At the beginning it worked fine but when the project failed I always got a bittersweet aftertaste.

I stumbled randomly recently with a hackernews article which provided free illustrations and resources for creating websites that really excited me. Unfortunately I didn't save the article, just the project. To avoid that in the future I'm writing a list of resources for my future self.

I'm going to organise the list in resources that I've used in real life and another for things that I need to consider later on.

Real Life Ruben Usage:

  • undraw : open source illustrations for any project. This is the project that inspired me to write this article.
  • DrawKit : Not open source but it has some free illustration. There's also some paid content.
  • sakura : Classless css framework.

To Consider:

I'm going to be updating this from time to time. Do you know any other resource that I can include? Let me know!

I hope this can be helpful to you too.