This website started as a joke to amuse my friends in the office and to have a really cool email address.

Later, I decided to use it as a blog to bring my ideas to life. That was too serious so now is a joke and a website.

The design is intentionally brutalist. I wanted to remove as much clutter as possible and let people read it in any browser they want (this works well on lynx).

I started with a Pelican blog and my own theme but I thought it was too boring so now I'm using eleventy.

About me

Not much about me. I like computers.

Currently, I live in Germany and I work as a Tech Lead.

In the future, I'll probably be a monk or plant cabbage (both, in best case scenario).


I've worked in the following side projects:

If you want to check more recent projects, you can go to the code section in the navbar.