12 Startups in 12 Months.

UPDATE: Don't try this at home. Enjoy the ride instead of optimise everything.

12 Startups in 12 Months. This my new foolproof master plan.

I want to give you some context for this decision:

  • What's my current startup journey so far? Not the best.
  • Why do projects take so long to ship? Fear, lack of experience and a clear timeline.
  • Who are my influences? Scott Adams,
  • Why does this plan make sense?
  • Who's done this so far?

I'll start on August 1st of 2020 and I'll update this article every month.

If I were to describe my whole entrepreneurship story as of now I'd say it could be better. My focus until I turned up 25 was to leave my country and when I came to Germany I realised that I wanted to start my own company. Now, when you don't master the language from the country you're in and you're new it's harder, or at least that is what I thought about it.

Now I think that if you want to do something you should do it. Especially if it's something where you don't need any permissions to do it like in the software industry.

I have a series of failed attempts up my sleeves:

  • A Bitcoin Wallet, which I never finished.
  • HelloPaket a project that tried to solve the problems of missed deliveries in Germany.
  • My participation on the Founder Institute with my idea Rocket Launcher, a platform for Software as a Service web applications.

Long story short they never came to be. At least not for me. What these projects have in common is that I took too long to ship them. Even with Rocket Launcher I feel like I've taken too long to release the project and have traction.

Why do projects take so long to ship?

  • Fear: Simple as that. If you take months to come up with an idea and you realise that people don't care about your ambitions and dreams is painful.
  • Lack of Experience: I'm starting to believe that shipping successfully a software product is a skill that can be learned and needs to be practiced. Like going to the gym.
  • Lack of a clear timeline: When you don't have a time goal in mind, you can extend the development of a useless product for a long time. This takes a lot of time and money.

So what am I going to do about it? My patience and time is finite and I can't wait forever creating the perfect product. I want to build a SaaS application and offer it online. Even if the application is not perfect, it'll will help me to get closer to success.

I have the following influences right now:

  • Scott Adams Systems vs Goals idea: To summarize it, winners think in systems and losers in goals. Systems have the advantage of always working even if the goal has not been reached.
  • Amy Hoy's Year of Hustle + Just Fucking Ship : I need to finish the stuff that I start and finally putting a price on it to sell it.
  • Paul Graham's Startup Lessons : The purpose of a startup is to learn and growth as fast as possible.
  • Pieter Levels' 12 Startups in 12 Months : This idea was the one who made everything come together. It creates a system that will allow me to get used to come up with ideas and ship them fast to see if the market likes it or not.

Why does this make sense? I believe this strategy make sense from three different perspectives: * Psychological : Instead of waiting around to die, I finish something quickly that I can sell. Finishing stuff gives you a momentum that you want to keep. Larger projects are hard to finish because they're too ambitious. For someone who has no experience in managing companies, it's harder. * Unfair Advantage : An unfair advantage is something that you have as a founder that makes you the ideal guy to build a company or product. I recently moved to Berlin, almost no one knows me here and I just passed through a family crisis. In terms of unfair advantage I have not much. My technical knowledge, my focus and being crazy. * Economical : My war fund are being depleted and I need to be quicker than before.

Who else has done this?

So let's see how this goes. I'll be listing all of my startups the following months. I'll start the countdown 1st of August 2020. For now, I'll be doing clones of other websites with Ruby on Rails.

List of Startups

  • Work In Progress.

So I hope that with this I'll change my way of describing my startups journey. I've had many failures in the past and I think it has to do mostly with fear, lack of experience and a clear timeline. With the ideas from Scott Adams, Amy Ahoy and Pieter Levels I expect to create a system that will allow me to create a system to test ideas and ship them fast. There are some people already online who has tried this with good results.

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